She’s Back….

My apologies on the unplanned hiatus. Life has, as it often does to all of us, thrown me a few curve balls. I’m coping (and doing fine, thanks for asking) but it meant that other things were getting my attention besides the blog. Of course, it also doesn’t help that when I launched my new business in January, I started a professional blog on the ever-so-exciting topic of software for insurance companies. (I know you are just dying to read it). Since it’s now a professional obligation, it gets precedence over the fun blog.

I also lost my knitting mojo for a fairly lengthy period. I was still knitting a bit but slogging along, and with some wrist pain that made sitting in front of the TV sans knitting sound a lot better than knitting after a 10-hour day at the computer. I dare say that it was not a knitter who invented the mouse. After all, who wants to use up all their hand coordination at work, leaving nothing for evening craftual activities.

Somehow last week I was feeling better and the mojo came back. Not sailing back, mind you, but floating back lightly as if on the wind, and thankfully not the gale we are getting today. Suddenly I noticed myself picking up a project other than a dishcloth or a two-by-two rib sock. Next I found myself finishing the lace edging on the bottom of the Brunello cardigan. On Wednesday, I got a whim to spin and took my Ladybug spinning wheel off to my evening knit group.

So, I’m back. So far, anyway, and with intent to stay. So long as our friends the Fates keep their curve balls to themselves…

The Fates – Oh yeah, you knew they were spinners too, right?


2 thoughts on “She’s Back….

  1. What fun to have you back, Mardee! I think that almost everyone goes through blah-knitting-times, depending on what else is going on, generally – too much thought, too much energy, too much initiative… but when it comes back that is heartening. So, congrats! I may be pushing the longest-time-for-knitting-one-sock-while-knitting-nothing-else myself, but I sat outside on the back stoop for half an hour by the clock (using a timer) and just knit on the cuff – keep putting it off because I’m supposed to be doing something else – something useful and why I’m at The House in Michigan.


    Glad you’re back – thanks!

    X O Irene

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