Meeting the Yarn Harlot

I was privileged on Saturday to get to go “up the hill” to Conifer CO with a group of my favorite knitters to see one of my favorite knitting celebrities, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, also known as The Yarn Harlot.

For those of you who don’t knit, yes of course there is such as thing as a knitting celebrity. While knitting fans are a bit tamer than your typical Belieber, we are still passionate about our famous knitters.

Stephanie was a trooper, too. She admits to being a bit nervous when speaking publicly, and she also has trouble with altitude sickness, and since Conifer is higher altitude than Denver, that made it just a bit more difficult. But she was everything we would have expected – funny, interesting, self-deprecating, understanding of the particular quirks that make us knitters and why those quirks also make us awesome.

And of course, since it was knitters on a road trip, yarn shopping was in order, so we stopped by the lovely little local shop, the Knit Knook, which sponsored the event. Fun place with extremely nice people. Made me wish they were my local yarn shop.

We topped it off with dinner at a local rib joint when we got home.

This whole thing reminded me of why I knit – not because I need sweaters or socks, because as people often remind me, I can buy those. I knit for the community, for this lovely group of well-grounded, accepting, friendly people who listen when my days go badly, who love me even when I’m not at my best, and who know that I will do the same when they need it.

So here’s to the knitters, famous or not, and the amazing community we have built.

BTW, did you know that part of the reason we are this way is because of the chemical changes knitting makes in our brains? Seriously, it’s true – that was the topic of Stephanie’s talk – but I won’t spoil it by giving you the details in case you have a chance to catch her at a venue near you.

Edited to add: Reading Stephanie’s blog this afternoon, I was shocked to find that she lost a close member of her family the day before the talk. Her uncle Tupper died while she was on the plane to Colorado. She carried on despite this, and we had no idea this was going on. Our thoughts and condolences go out to her and her entire family.


2 thoughts on “Meeting the Yarn Harlot

  1. hockeyirene says:

    HOORAY!!!, Mardee! I am so glad that you got to meet and be around Stephanie – she is a marvel and one of my favourite heroes. She and Tina were the primary organisers of The Sock Summit (which will be no more, sadly) and the workshops at Port Ludlow in Washington and she is so active in so many socially-responsible groups and uses her vast fan base to increase that support. All in all, a fine human being. I hope that Jean went too!

    X O Irene

    • Mardee says:

      Hi Irene! So nice to hear from you! Yes, Jean did go with us. It was a great day and you are right that Stephanie is a great person. I never met Tina but I have heard great things about her too and my mother-in-law (who lives in Portland) was a frequent attender at Sock Summit. Hope you make it to Colorado soon – we miss you! Mardee

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