Down with DOMA (and Prop 8)

I don’t usually get into politics here on the blog. After all, my readers come from a lot of different backgrounds and they have a lot of different opinions. I try to respect that and not stir up controversy.

But today is a historic day and one that will have significant personal meaning for a number of people that are my friends and part of  my knitting community. Today the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8, which is a huge step forward for marriage equality.

You might wonder why I care about this issue. After all, I’m a self-professed Christian and a pastor’s daughter. I’m straight and married. But that’s exactly why I care, and why so many other knitters care about it too. You see, to us, this is not an issue of religious belief or of ideology, it’s a civil rights issue that affects people in our community. It’s an issue of treating all people fairly, equally, and with compassion, no matter what their skin color, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else for that matter. As a married person, why should I care if my gay friend and his long-time partner marry? It does not harm my own marriage in the least, and truthfully, I’d be angling to be a bridesmaid because, well, they are both lovely people and I can trust him not to put me in a tangerine satin dress with puffy sleeves that makes my butt look big.

So, here’s to a huge step, America. Here’s to treating all people equally, even if it took us well over 200 years to figure it out.


4 thoughts on “Down with DOMA (and Prop 8)

  1. Fiona says:

    Thanks for posting, Mardee; I am always appreciative of my straight allies who have sometimes been more vocal in their support of this issue than I have!

    • Mardee says:

      Happy to do it, Fiona. I love watching the photos of you, Heather and your daughter on Facebook. Yours is as much a family as mine is, and it’s time that the law recognizes that. Hope you are all doing well!

  2. Brady says:

    and really… tangerine.. maybe peach… but never tangerine…

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