TdF Progress (or in this Case, Not)

So, if I were the repentant type (which some probably will argue that I should be), I’d be here with all sorts of apologies for my Tour De Fleece performance. I could lie and say I’ve been sick or I fell off my spinning wheel or I was too busy at work or…well, you get the picture. But I won’t. Truth be told, this is my third year spinning in the TdF and my third year of falling off my bike somewhere at the end of the first week despite all sorts of good intentions. I don’t know why it is that I can’t focus my attention on a single task for a month, but I can’t. So, there you have it, the truth…Team Captain and all.

That said, we’ve had a blast so far, some sangria was made (and enjoyed), some good eats were gobbled, and some pretty darned good yarn was made (albeit not a lot by me. I think my total output so far is two skeins and on one of those all I did was ply).

It’s not like I was totally slacking. I did manage to make 18 jars of jam and spent the requisite number of hours scrubbing sticky stuff off the kitchen counters afterwards. I managed to replant the veggies in the garden that had either bolted due to the crazy June heat or pelted by hail or that just plain didn’t get a good start in the first place. And for some reason, I randomly decided that it was time to start practicing the piano again and I’ve been tackling some old pieces which were much harder than I remembered them.

So I guess the lesson here is that life will occasionally overtake you and you may set a goal and not stick to it. It happens. The important thing is to keep finding that next thing that gives you joy and do it, even if it means a few hours with scrubbie in hand removing the results from the kitchen counters.

Happy summer, everyone. I hope you are all still spinning. If I get a whim to, I might just join you.



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