I Take That Back

I blogged yesterday about this book I was reading about the “New Domesticity.” At first, I found it interesting to think about how our current behavior changes society and the information that author presented was interesting.

As I read further last night, I realized that the author’s intent is really to show the downside of each of the things they are chronicling – making a living from handmade goods on Etsy, the rise of the handcrafted culture, attachment parenting, locavorism. It saddened me a bit, because I think the intent of these folks is good and also because I really believe that we should all be free to choose the lifestyle and work that we feel is best for us, without criticism.

Granted, I’m as much a believer in Western medicine (despite its many faults) as the next person, and there’s no way I would have considered not vaccinating myself or my kids, so some of her points are valid.

I gave up on the book last night, finding that much negativity too much for my brain right now. I wanted to post about it before yesterday’s post caused too many people to pick up the book only to wonder what on earth I was thinking.

That’s the great thing about the library though – three of the last four books I picked up weren’t for me right now. My brain wants something positive and encouraging, so I’ll be off to the library again soon to drop off the mis-matches and pick up a few new things to try.

Happy Tuesday all.


One thought on “I Take That Back

  1. Thanks for letting us know the second-day-of-the-book! Important information.

    Yep – to the library – positive is good…

    X O

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