I’m a Little Teapot…

Today I’m grateful for this lovely little blue teapot, which I picked up on Saturday at TeaLeaves. It’s a cute little tearoom and also sells a really great organic Earl Grey, which is the tea I’m brewing in the pot as we speak.

Blue Teapot_Cropped

You see, I’ve had some medical issues this past year or two and as a result, have had to give up my much-beloved coffee. Silly as it might sound, that felt like trauma because I have a morning routine of relaxing with a cup of coffee that goes back decades. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, the morning always starts with a cup o’ joe and a quiet moment to myself before I start the day. Or at least it did.

Like most people when a beloved routine is broken, I was at loose ends for a while. I bought an assortment of different teas and couldn’t find anything I really liked. They all lacked something in comparison to the lovely dark bitter taste of a good French roast.  Mornings were an exercise in disappointment, with each tea not being quite what I wanted. It’s like when you order a beer and they bring you O’Doul’s.  Yeah, it’s supposed to taste the same but you know it doesn’t.

So enter the Earl Grey, which I just happened to pick up when I was in the shop for something else. I wasn’t expecting it to become my morning tea, but I like Earl Grey and thought it might make a nice afternoon beverage, until I made it one morning and realized this was something I could live with every morning.

Then I broke the lid on the little white teapot I’ve been using. It was annoying, that pot, a lightweight thing made in China and picked up for a few bucks at Bed, Bath and Beyond. (Oddly, it was literally the only one in the entire store).  That forced me back to TeaLeaves to buy a different one, having not really liked the first one anyway. They have a wide assortment to choose from, all different styles, and selected by the owners, British folks who really know their tea.  It has a perfect shape to brew well, doesn’t drip when you pour from it, and doesn’t have a floppy lid that’s likely to end up hitting the counter and shattering like the last one did. It also has a weight to it that feels satisfying when you pick it up.

So yeah, that’s it. Today I am grateful for tea, the adorable little blue teapot and the folks at TeaLeaves who care about me enjoying my mornings. How about you?


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