A Colorful Life

Today, I’m grateful for the color that we have in our lives. I think we often take this for granted in our modern society when all it takes to add color to your life is a quick stop at the paint store or the purchase of a new sweater at Kohl’s.

It wasn’t always this way. In fact, the reason that purple is considered the color of royalty is because many years ago, it was crazy expensive to make. I read about this recently, in an article that described how historians replicated the process of making purple the old way.

First, gather something like 1500 of a specific crustacean (because that’s easy, right?) Next, soak the shells of said crustaceans in urine (I didn’t say this wouldn’t be gross) in the bright sunshine for something like 14 days. Strain, let dry down to become more concentrated, strain some more.

Now you can finally dye your yarn, which you will have created by shearing the sheep or picking and ginning the cotton, then combing and spinning it. If you want linen, you’ll have to first find the plants, then soak them for weeks, then beat them to remove the bark and spin them while still wet. I personally love the spinning process but let’s face it, my family would freeze if they had to wait for me to make their clothing.

If you wanted a different color, or say, a color on the walls of your home, it was another extensive process to first find the pigments and purify them. Not to mention that the saturated beautiful colors we have today simply weren’t possible.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love natural dyes probably more than anything else. That said, I’m also grateful for the bounty of colors we have to choose from and the fact that color is now within the reach of even commoners like me.

As for me, it is my day to be a princess. I’m wearing purple, after all.

What are you grateful for today?

P.S. Speaking of color, the painters were awesome and the place came out beautiful. I was nervous about the gold we picked for the stairwell but it’s gorgeous. If you’re curious, you can check out my color choices here:

Main Color: Sherwin Williams: Bittersweet Stem


Accent Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Ceremonial Gold



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