Gratitude and the Arts

Today I’m grateful for the Denver arts scene and the fact that we can so easily see the talents of others brought to life in such delightful ways.

Yesterday I bought tickets for two upcoming holiday events, one very traditional and one that will be off-beat and funny. To start, I bought tickets to see the Colorado Symphony perform Handel’s Messiah, which is probably my favorite piece of music in the world. I’ve sung it myself several times and still find that it moves me every time I hear it. Back in the days when I was driving all the time as part of my job, I bought it on cassette tape (yes that was a while ago) and listened to it in my car during Christmas season. Over and over, singing along, I never got tired of it.

I also picked up tickets for the SantaLand Diaries, a play based on the works of David Sedaris. I love his work and think this play is going to be a blast.

So there you have it. I’m grateful for the talents of others to share music and drama with me, and also the organizations that make it possible. (Plus a shout-out to Colorado Public Radio for tipping me off about Messiah…I would not have known about it had they not mentioned it).

What are you grateful for today?

P.S. Also grateful for my mother-in-law who shipped a whole case of wine to be enjoyed at Thanksgiving. Hubby opened it this morning and it looks like some very tasty stuff. Can’t wait to see them…


2 thoughts on “Gratitude and the Arts

  1. Janet Brosh says:

    I am half packed for our visit. Will enjoy tasting the wine with you. I am more than grateful for you looking after ‘hubby’ when was so ill. And for the time you came to Portland, with a moments notice, to help take care of me after back surgery.

    • Mardee says:

      Thanks, Janet! David unpacked the wine today and it looks like a very tasty selection. We are both very grateful to have such wonderful family and it will be lovely to have you guys closer so we can see you more.

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