The Healing Arts

Some of you may know that I’ve had a tough year health-wise.  I’ve been pretty ill, and the doctors really had no idea why or what to do to help me. In all of the difficulties, I found a medical provider that many people may not even think of when they’re having health problems – a dietitian.

My dietitian is awesome. She’s so knowledgeable and helpful. She listens, asks probing questions, and helps me figure out what to do. She’s practical, non-preachy, and has helped me find solutions to some pretty tough challenges. Food intolerances are tough to live with. For many allergies, you can simply avoid the offending substance, but with food, you’re stuck because you still have to eat. So you end up in this dance, avoiding this food and that, while trying to still partake in social occasions (which seem to always involve food you can’t eat) and eat a diet that is both healthy and satisfying.

That’s why I’m grateful for her today. We saw her yesterday for some help in figuring out how to handle company and the holidays, since this is all new for us. As usual, she had great advice based on science and research, ideas on additional things we could explore to help me heal, and suggestions for meals that everyone will enjoy.

So that’s what I’m grateful for today, this person who has invested years of time and money in education to learn how to help people like me. What are you grateful for?



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