Photographs and Memories

Photographs and memories,

Christmas cards you gave to me,

All that I have are these to remember you.

~ Jim Croce

If you’ve been reading this blog for the past week or so, you’ll know that we had to relocate our extensive library out of its usual resting place in order to have painters in. The painters finished on Tuesday so our job for this weekend was relocating all of the books back to their usual places on the bookshelves, as well as cleaning the upstairs to make our house ready for Thanksgiving company.

It’s a big job and as with most jobs of this size, it’s better to break it into pieces. So we moved a few books and then did some shopping. We made some dinner and moved some more books. Last night, we finished with the last few bits. (Or to be honest, I should say that my husband finished. I have a shoulder problem right now so I’ve been forbidden to do anything that makes it hurt, which is pretty much anything that requires carrying something or putting my arms above my head. Both are a problem when you are filling bookshelves that go to ceiling height).

Towards the end, we found a cache of family photographs and of course, since the job was near the end, we took time to peruse them a little. I had forgotten some of these photos and it was fun to step back down memory lane together. In particular, one of the albums my husband found contained the cruiseline photos from our honeymoon. That was an amazing trip. I’m not usually a cruise person, but this was pretty awesome. We cruised the Alaskan Inside Passage and stopped in a several lovely little Alaskan towns. We cruised past glaciers and saw seals floating by on islands of ice. We saw whales and my husband even got to see a little bit of the Northern Lights. (Sadly, I was sleeping at the time and they were gone by the time I got up).

It was a lovely trip along memory lane, and it felt good to remember such a special time. It was almost ten years ago, so we both looked a bit younger than we do today, although my husband said I look as good as I always have. (He’s a keeper, I tell you).

So there’s my gratitude for today – for a lovely memory of a wonderful trip and for the hubby who tells me I’m still as beautiful as the day he married me.

What about you? What are you grateful for today?


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