I’m not usually a TGIF kind of person but I’m definitely feeling that way today. It’s been a rough week. Between a cold that won’t go away and a physical therapist who enjoys his job just a little too much, I’m ready for some rest.

It’s also been a week in which a customer threw me a really tough challenge at work – the kind of thing I usually love because I can really dig my teeth in – but just wasn’t quite up to handling this week. I’ll figure it out, I’m sure, but maybe next week when my brain is firing on all pistons and I’ve had a couple of consecutive nights of sleep.

So here’s to Friday, to a couple of days of rest, and to getting back to whatever my normal is these days. For that, and the fact that a rough week is ending, I’m grateful.

Happy weekend, everyone. Hope this weekend hands you things to be grateful for as well, even if it’s just spending the day in your PJ’s watching old movies, drinking tea with lemon and hugging a box of kleenex. If this cold doesn’t lift soon, I may well join you.


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