A Christmas Blessing

Here in Colorado, we’re in the midst of a true winter storm. It’s been snowing for hours and while it’s a pain for those who need to get out and go places, it’s also stunningly beautiful. I spent last night on the sofa watching the snow fall and listening to a boys’ choir sing some of my favorite Christmas classics. I managed not to cry during O Holy Night, which was a feat for me because I love that song. I’ve sung it on Christmas Eve in church many times and it always breaks my heart just a little to hear it. They followed that up with Still, Still, Still, which is another of my favorites.

So while I was entering into the holidays with more than a little trepidation, I think I’ve found my Christmas spirit and I wanted to share it with you. You see, for me Christmas has always been a religious holiday, a season in which we celebrate the real miracle of Christmas, which didn’t happen on 34th Street but instead happened in Bethlehem when God became Man and came to live among us. It’s not about the presents and the Black Friday shopping. It’s about faith and family and bringing good things to the world.

This Christmas season , I wish for all people:

* Hope and healing for those who have troubles

* Safety and security for those in danger

* Food and warmth for those without

* Courage for those who face difficult situations

* Gratitude for those who are struggling to find the good in their lives

* Peace for those who struggle with the season and past disappointments

* Blessings and love

Amidst the frustration, worry and fear this season can sometimes bring, I hope you find time to soak in the peace, listen to a choir sing your favorite hymns, and delight in the fact that we use this time of year as an excuse to see people we rarely get to see. Surround them with love, whether they are family or friends, and know that I’m wishing you the same.