She spins and she spins and she spins…

I love fall. The food, the crisp weather, the chance to finally wear sweaters again without, well, sweating.

The other lovely part of fall is that it’s no longer too hot to be covered by fiber of all sorts. One of my favorite ways to end up covered in fiber is spinning. I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of a better evening than watching British detectives on PBS while spinning. (Unless it’s Italian detectives and knitting, but knitting while reading subtitles can get a bit dicey. Definitely not a time for working lace charts).

I’ve been spinning a lot lately, as I work my way through an entire alpaca blanket that belongs to my mother-in-law. An excellent fiberista herself, she came upon said fleece in a trade for a knitting machine she was re-homing. After a trip to the mill, it now it sits in my spinning basket, as I spin my way through it evening after evening.

You would not think alpaca were large beasts, at least not compared to their cousin, the llama, but an alpaca blanket takes a lot of time to spin. At this point, I’ve been spinning for weeks and I have one last bag to finishing spinning, then ply, and then I have a big bag of newly made yarn that needs to be washed so that the twist will set.

Now, I love to spin but I have to admit that I’m looking forward to the end of this one! It’s a beautiful black fiber, made a bit more manageable by blending with just a tad of merino (20%), so it spins up nicely. But, it’s a big project and we’ll both be gratified if I get it done during our lifetimes. I think she’s planning a sweater and it will be a very warm sweater indeed.

I’ll post photos once I get to the end of the project. At the very least, I need photographic evidence that I managed to finish!


3 thoughts on “She spins and she spins and she spins…

  1. hockeyirene says:

    Hooray, Mardee!

    Spin away, Woman, and lucky you to see British crimies!

    Hmmmm – there IS a TV in my room downstairs in this hostel in Kirkwall (on the Orkneys) – perhaps I should see what’s on! I can knit on my sock, but I didn’t bring my spindles with me this time, since I never did any spinning last trip, and the chance of their getting broken is too great in a backpack. So they’re safe in Michigan. But socks…

    Happy Fall! I am hearing the music for “Sail away, Ladies, Sail away” but singing “Spin away, Mardee, Spin away”! Now you can sing it, too.

    X O Irene

  2. hockeyirene says:

    Thanks, Mardee. It IS! Just got back to Inverness, and the time away was magic. So much history on that island, as in, two sets of standing stones (close to each other, I don’t know the “dates”), Maeshowe (a 5000 year-old covered cairn/tomb – Google it – fascinating!), and the Highland Park distillery, where they malt their own barley (unusual these days), to say nothing of the Italian Chapel – another fascinating piece of history from WWII.

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