30 Days of Thanks – November 5 and 6

Yesterday’s work schedule got the better of me and by the time I knew it, it was knit night and then bedtime, so I totally missed blogging my thanks for the day.

So, for November 5, I am thankful for my knitters. My tribe. My people. I went into knitting feeling stressed and frustrated but I came home calm and feeling as if the world is an okay place. I’m very grateful for these folks.

Today has started out a little rough, work-wise, but has improved as the day went on. I’m grateful for the beautiful Colorado weather. The blue skies and warm air perks me up, even if I can’t go linger about in it at the moment.

So that’s what I have today. What are you grateful for?


30 Days of Thanks – November 4

One of the things I love best about fall is the time change, when I can finally get back to what my body feels is the “real” time. I know it’s just a one-hour change but for some reason, I’ve never been able to fully adjust to daylight savings time, even when I was younger. Add in a little mid-life insomnia, and you have a recipe for some very grouchy mornings.

But now that the time has changed, I can wake up naturally and have a full morning. This morning, I was awake at 5:30 and started to feel grouchy about it (having wanted to sleep at least another hour) but then decided to roll with it and see where it took me. After a nice half hour of dog-assisted yoga, the Westies and I went on a one-mile walk. It was crisp and frosty but the sun was shining and it is a lovely day. We got home with time to spare, allowing me to listen to a podcast while making a nice omelet. All of that, and I still didn’t have to rush to work!

So today, I’m thankful for time changes, frosty mornings, and doggies who love me, even if they do interfere with proper posture while doing yoga.

How about you?

30 Days of Thanks

Somehow we blinked and it’s November. You can feel it, too. The weather is colder and we had just a touch of snow this morning, although it was melted into a wet snowy mix by the time I got out of bed. The Westies are confused. They keep going out, only find it’s cold, then coming back in giving me a look that says “what did you do?” Silly puppies.

Every November, I try to celebrate 30 days of Thanks on the blog. Since I don’t log onto the computer on weekends (part of my “save the brain” campaign, if you will), I have a little catching up to do today.

November 1- I’m grateful for friends and funny Halloween costumes. We had a great time at a friends house with food, drinks, and Cards against Humanity (shamefully fun). Because things were so hectic, we had to make a last-minute trip to the costume store but we made a reasonably convincing Lancelot and Guinevere, I think:


Lancelot and Guinevere

Of course, I am always the one with either my eyes closed or my mouth open when there is someone nearby with a camera.

November 2 – I am grateful for “a chicken in every pot.” Whole chickens were on sale this week so we used the opportunity to slow roast a chicken yesterday. I first brined it overnight in lemon, sage, garlic and brown sugar, then put it in the French oven to slowly cook for several hours. It was really yummy!

November 3 – I am grateful that Election Day is tomorrow and the phone will (hopefully) finally stop ringing. I also think we sometimes miss the point with our elections, because they are so undramatic. In America, we have a long history of peacefully handing over power, whereas in many countries, transfer of power occurs at gunpoint and with loss of life. We are very fortunate.

You’re welcome to join me this month – feel free to post to your favorite social media website, blog, or simply put a mason jar on the counter and toss in slips of papers. It’s a very restorative exercise.

Happy November, everyone!