I Knits Because I Likes It

I had the great fun of talking to a coworker today who is interested in learning to knit. It was an interesting moment of insight for me because the situation forced me to think about why I love knitting so much. Honestly, it’s is such an integral part of my life these days that I can’t recall what it was like before I started. It was also fun to have the chance to introduce someone new to this age-old craft. Plus, she’s just an interesting person and I love talking to interesting people.

Every now and then I run into someone who wonders why people would want to knit because after all, you can buy your clothes these days. You don’t have to make them yourself. In fact, it’s often cheaper and easier to pick up a ready-made cardigan at the store than to make one with your own hands.

So then why do we knit? Well, I can’t speak for you, dear readers, but I can tell you why I knit. I knit for the flow, for the process, for the challenge (and sometimes the cursing and wine drinking that results). I knit for the feel of the yarn in my hands. I knit for the lovely colors and amazing patterns you can make with yarn that was made by hand and dyed by someone you know and respect.

I also knit so that I can wear things like this, which you could not buy in any store, and wouldn’t be nearly as special if you could anyhow:

Icarus Shawl, done in hand-dyed laceweight from Abstract Fiber in Portland.

Icarus Shawl, done in hand-dyed laceweight from Abstract Fiber in Portland.

And finally, I knit because knitters are amazing, creative, wonderful people. Some of the most interesting people I know are knitters. (Not to say that you non-knitters aren’t awesome as well. You just should also learn to knit).

So, why do you knit?


4 thoughts on “I Knits Because I Likes It

  1. hockeyirene says:

    Hi Mardee!

    I have thought about this a lot, because I know that many knitters get into a zen state when knitting, and while I often don’t look at my knitting, and close my eyes, it is because I am tired, not that I am carried to some lovely place with knitting the transportation. If pushed, I would have to admit to being a product-knitter more than a process-knitter. I have a mitten on double-points right now, because my old mitts are really not warm enough, and I can’t imagine buying mittens when I can make a pair for myself. I enjoy the power of being able to knit them myself, in the colours and wool that I choose, and then look at my hand covers with a small, self-satisfied grin. Until I lose them.

    Happy, Happy New Year to YOU!

    In Peace,

    Irene X O

  2. Mardee says:

    Irene, so very delightful to hear from you! I know how you feel about the mittens. I recently lost a beautiful pair of hand-knit alpaca mittens and was very sad to think that I would have to buy a pair because it was too cold to go without. I felt very blessed when I managed to get them back. Hope you are enjoying your travels! Happy New Year to you also!

  3. Peggy says:

    Very well said but then again you alway articulate well! I totally agree! Knitting and crocheting do become integral parts of our lives and the reasons for doing so are numerous! Thanks for calling it to mind. It is fun to ponder over them! We are awesome! 🙂

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