Project Update

Halloooo!!! (taps on computer screen) Is anyone out there?

I guess a blogger as negligent as I has no right to expect that all of their followers will stick around while they’re off doing other things and ignoring their blog. But here you are, and I’m thankful for that.

It’s been ages since I’ve done a project update so I thought I’d give a quick one, although I don’t have time for photos at the moment.

On the needles:

* Always a sock. Or in this case, two pairs of socks, each only needing kitchenering on the toe of the second sock. We’ll be taking odds on how long it will take me to finish them, so place your bets now.

*  The Peacock Eyes Cardigan. This is coming along nicely. I’ve got the body of the sweater completed, and the button bands are underway. Next are the sleeves, then it will be done. It’s going to be a beautiful sweater, I think, done in a hand-dyed yarn in a lovely shade of green. I don’t have photos of my own project yet, but here’s the link to Ravelry:

Peacock Eyes Cardigan by Justyna Lorkowska. Photo from Ravelry. (Click link to go see it live!)

* The Peacock Eyes sweater has been set aside to work on a black cardigan for my son. No photos for that, since it’s a custom knit from Ann Budd’s Knitter’s Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters: Basic Designs in Multiple Sizes and Gauges. I’m really excited about how this is coming out, because it’s turning out to be a perfect fit, and it’s been kind of fun to make a sweater from a “recipe” rather than a very specific pattern.

* Oh, and finally, I am down to the buttons on the Shapely Boyfriend Sweater from Knitty. It’s knit, blocked, and just waiting for me to get the buttons sown on. I hope to finish that soon so I can wear it before summer comes. (Again, happy to take odds on that one).

What’s on your needles?


Secrets, Socks, Phone Calls and Stuff

So, I’ve been a neglectful blogger, which is bad considering that I have the folks from WordPress sending me ideas every day of what to write about. The truth is that I’m working on a big project in my personal time. I can’t yet tell you what it is but it could be a real game-changer for me. More to come on that in the next few weeks as things develop.

In my knitting life, things are pretty slow. I don’t knit for the holidays and I only have a couple of projects going at the moment. It’s not that I don’t want to give people handmade gifts, it’s more a case of not liking to knit on a deadline. You see, I work in the software industry where every day is driven by deadlines, so I just don’t like them in my personal life. Also, my job makes life a bit unpredictable because you never know when you’ll suddenly be on an airplane and afghans don’t fit in the carry-on if you want to also take clothes and toiletries with you. So, at the moment I’m plugging away on the Brunello cardigan and a pair of random socks. The Brunello is turning out to be beautiful but the lace on the edges requires some counting and concentration, so it will be a stay-at-home project for when it’s quiet and I’m not trying to multi-task.

It’s a bit funny because for me, knitting socks is like going to the gym is for some people. It’s just something that you do, not because you plan for it or you think a lot about it, you just get up and do it because you should. Now, you could easily argue that I should also be going to the gym, but let’s not get over-ambitious here. Socks are great knitting, very portable, imminently usable and easy to knit. Unless they have a fancy cuff pattern, they’re good conversational knitting too – I’ve made enough at this point that I can just cruise along while at the same time, carry on a conversation about foreign policy or which place has the best Chicago-style pizza. (Gino’s East, hands down, in case you were wondering, although Lou Malnati’s runs a close second).

In other news, I finally resorted yesterday to shutting the ringers off on our phones. Colorado is a swing state and with four registered voters in our house, we were getting besieged with calls. It doesn’t help that the people who previously had our number must have been big campaign contributors and gave their phone number out like candy to every cause they supported. We must have been getting three or four phone calls an hour yesterday, all from auto-dialers telling us how to vote. (And not really the right party either). Truth is, most of us have already voted anyway, and what we really want is to be left alone at this point.

This morning on the news, there was a video clip of a local little girl who is so tired of the campaign ads she was in tears over it. She’s had enough of “Bronco Bamma” and Mitt Romney.

I think we kind of know how she feels…

Another Cardigan?

I’ve been on a bit of a sweater binge lately, which is a little odd because it’s been really hot and not exactly sweater weather. That said, I just finished the Tappan Zee cardigan from Knitty and I’m quite pleased with how it came out.

What do you think?

My finished Tappan Zee cardigan. Well, except for the buttons. I approach button selection with all the levity of the nuclear arms reduction talks during the Cold War, so picking buttons could take a while. I’m not sure why, since I never button my sweaters anyway.

I have been on such a finishing binge that I have completed all of my works in progress. I was a bit shocked to find that. When I went back to the UFO (UnFinished Object) rack, it was empty except for a lonely Christmas stocking that needs a bit of fixing on the short-row heel and a quilting project where I need to finish the hand-quilting and bind it.

The only thing I have on the needles is this solitary sock:

My sole knitting work-in-progress. How in the heck did that happen?

It will eventually have a mate, but I feel a bit untethered not to have an ongoing project to work on and drag about with me. After all, in my world, socks don’t really count because they are always on my needles. Not that I don’t love handknit socks, nay quite the opposite, but because I am always working on them as fill-in knitting around other projects.

So, I’m thinking about another cardigan, probably this one, also from Knitty:

The Brunello Cardigan from Lovely.

And of course, there are those three fleeces in the basement that need drum carding, a big backlog of spinning fiber, and some quilting projects. But for the moment, the knitting is caught up. I still can’t believe it . What will I do with myself?

Pick up some cookies, make some tea, and cast on another sweater, I think.