Adventures in Drum Carding

Okay, so first I have to brag just a little because, well, I’m just so danged proud of these kids. It was an awesome day and we are so excited for them.

The Graduates. Their parents are SO proud.

I’ve been continuing to wash the lamb’s fleece that I bought and spent some time playing with my new camera to take some fleecy beauty shots.

Jane’s Fleece Part Deux – Getting ready to go into the scouring water. I love the multi-colored look to this fleece.

In other news, my drum carder arrived and we’ve been having great fun with it! My friend Jean came over last night to knit and play with fiber. It was a great evening; I always really enjoy her company.

So we started with a big bag of some kind of ratty looking fiber that had been washed and dried. It looked like this:

Scoured but not yet carded. Ready set go!

We ran it through the carder twice, after first opening the locks by hand so it would be easier for the carder to separate.

My new drum carder, from the folks at Brother Drumcarder in Silverton, OR.

By the end of the night, I had three batts carded and we had made hardly a dent into the fiber supply.

Three batts, ready to spin. I love the color in this; it’s going to be beautiful once it’s spun.

And a bit of VM (vegetative matter) on the counter.

Just a little bit of VM left at the end. I think I may also want to follow my husband’s suggestion and put newspapers down next time because the counter is also a bit sticky from the lanolin in the wool.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

3 thoughts on “Adventures in Drum Carding

  1. jean says:

    I enjoy your company too!!! by the way, you are a carrot genius… the previously limp and sad carrots were crisp this morning.. thanks..

    • mardeeknits says:

      Yay! Glad the carrots worked out. It’s been an adventure figuring out how to cook up here, and that includes keeping food fresh. I spent my whole life trying to avoid mold and now I have the opposite problem… 😉

  2. Amy says:

    Ohhh, I CAN’T wait to see what it looks like spun!

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